iphone Development

This is why iTunes the most profitable mobile app store in the world. People see value in the device due to the high quality applications available on the iTunes store that have been vetted by Apple to be safe. We setup a dedicated iphone application development division in 2009 that has built 100s of apps for business and fun, we design apps for extreme usability that are a pleasure to use, our apps require no training nor instructions they are intuitive and fun to use.

Iphones have an excellent display that supports millions of color combinations, a fast processor that is top of the line, a directional compass, an excellent camera, light sensitivity sensor and a powerful GPS that can be used within applications.

Building apps for the iphone is relatively easier as the hardware is fixed, the software can always rely upon the hardware features which would always be present and work dependably at all times. We started building iphone apps from the third generation of iphones and have continued to evolve our offering through the various generations of iphones since.

Some of the types of iphone applications we have built over the years:

  • Business automation tools
  • Mobile commerce suites
  • Social networking utilities
  • Health care utilities
  • Software as a service
  • Sales quotes and presentation
  • Data libraries
  • Photo posting utilities
  • Messaging utilities
  • Dating support apps
  • 2D Games

As ipads entered the product offering we started working with apps that could use the larger screen size to offer more, this screen was great for content consumption and apps with multiple options.

Some of our ipad applications are listed below:

  • Restaurant POS systems
  • Medical practitioner assistance
  • Action games
  • Business automation
  • Sales presentations

Over the years we have produced many apps that have been successful in helping businesses use the iphone to meet specific business needs in terms of automation, training, sales utility and more. Contact us today to see how we can build your next invention on the itunes app store.