Search Engine Optimization

CTPL engineers optimize websites from ground up, we do not offer search engine optimization as a service in isolation, this service only applies to sites that we design and develop.

Before we take on search engine optimization for a site we research the following:

  • Geographical spread of the business
  • Industry trends
  • Prospect demographic
  • Search terms, their volume and seasonal trends
  • Competition size and tactics

Once the analysis phase is completed we propose options, often these options include everything from buying the right domain name to rebuilding the site from ground up for better indexing.

We then create a plan on what would prospects want to see on the site when they land for every specific search phrase we are planning to target. These pages are storyboarded and build to the content specifications from the SEO engineers. We have content writers on staff who are well versed at writing content needed to achieve search terms.

We create websites that match the SEO plan that’s been built instead of the other way around where companies try to optimized already built websites which is an uphill task thats rarely successful.

CTPL SEO engineers are well versed with retail, B2B, subscriptions, manufacturing and most other industries. We have optimized sites across the world with excellent results. Our process is simple, we ensure users see the content they are looking for, this is achieved by building sites that are fully geared to the users need, both in terms of layout design and content presented.

The on site changes we affect are to the navigation, page structure, tags, headers, HTML code, rich tags, internal links, sitemaps and more.

The off site plan is mainly to get attention to the site by posting about it on blogs, directories, related sites, infographics, video posts and more.

The overall idea is not just getting traffic but to increase revenue by sales, inquires and subscriptions as applicable.

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