• Web Application Development

    We have a highly skilled team that can develop completely customized web applications. We take pride in the fact that our team members constantly upgrade their skills and keep abreast with the latest technical trends to deliver web designs and applications as per client requirement. Right from strategizing, planning, researching, consulting, designing, programming, testing and deploying, we provide complete support to our customers during the entire process of web development projects.

    We believe in building long term relationships with our clients and are therefore committed towards delivering quality applications. Some highlights of our web development process:

    • SEO friendly websites: we develop websites are easy searched by major search engines (SEO). They allow easy crawling of web pages optimized for keywords.
    • User friendly websites: Fast web page loading times, increased usability and web designed interfaces. Clean and consistently written codes ensure efficiency of websites, ease of maintenance and upgradation.
    • Flexibility: We provide complete flexibility to our clients to select tools and technologies of their choice. They can also consult our experts to know what would best suit their business requirements and budget.
    • Quality assurance: An experienced QA team ensures that our software conforms to latest web standards and functions efficiently.
    • Work ethics: CTPL follows highest ethical practices so that our clients get a maximized return on investment. Our quality-driven delivery model has helped us form long term in providing client satisfaction and form long term association with them.

    Custom Web Application

    If you are looking for custom web development company, CTPL is one name you can invest your trust. Our profound knowledge about a variety of industries and their business processes helps us develop and deliver customized web applications for domain specific website. Our expertise lies in innovating solutions that suit our clients’ business requirement.

    Some of the domains we have provided our customized web development services include:

    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • E-commerce
    • Trading
    • Recruitment Portal (RPO)
    • Human Resource Management Services (HRMS)
    • Content Management Services (CMS)

    We work with technologies like .NET, PHP, Simple PHP to develop apps for BYOD as well as desktops . We develop specific applications for Android, iPhone, and windows. Our offshore development model provides our clients with cost-effective solutions that is completely in sync with the clients’ business processes and budget, without affecting the quality of deliverables. Our solutions can be customized to be integrated across legacy systems to save costs and hassles of changing and upgrading the entire software.

  • Responsive Web Design

    Your website interacts with your prospects much before you may reach out to them. It represents your business and your capabilities to your audience in this internet savvy world. The increased usage of smart phones and tablets has made it extremely necessary that your website therefore, functions efficiently on multiple devices. Chepall ensures that your website performs consistently on various devices and platforms to interact effectively with the users.

    A website has to pass through several phases like conceptualization, design, development, deployment and delivery to real users. Throughout this web development cycles our team members work together to ensure ease of navigation and cross platform compatibility. We provide our clients with sample templates, or work on the templates provided by our clients to make them responsive. If your website is already functioning, it can be redesigned or altered to make it responsive. Eliminate the need to have a separate website for desktops and smart phones.

    Our clients form an integral part of design to ensure that their business requirements are fulfilled. The customization of the design is done keeping in mind the target audience and the client requirement

    Great functionality cutting edge solutions.

    Website Redesign

    A website like any other marketing asset has limited shelf life, constant technological advancements make sites obsolete in a short period of time. Websites have gotten slimmer to mould themselves into mobile devices, they have shrug off technologies like Flash that consumed excessive computer resources and they have become clearer with the functional purpose taking precedence over aesthetic appeal.

    If your website was designed over 2 years ago you need to think about a redesign, often a redesign can improve your company image, customer retention, better sales performance, improved search engine ranking and give you the ability to manage content more effectively.

    As users see awe inspiring technologies on the web they grow accustomed to good design and instinctively ignore poorly designed older sites. If the internet is an important marketing arena for your products, it is crucial for your site to maintain pace with the internet technologies, for continued success both in terms of sales from the site and customer retention.

    Companies worry about the how and when to redesign their sites due to the constant change in web technologies, fearing a decrease in their web traffic and fewer visitors, and especially that their search engine ratings will fall. To help our clients overcome these fears, we write a redesign report, in counsel with the client, that describes reasons for them to redesign their site or reasons for them not to redesign with practical advice on how to ensure the redesign does not affect their google rankings.

    Our website redesign report contains the following information:

    • A meticulous report on the newest developments in website design techniques that are applicable to your specific services.
    • Expert suggestions on a new aesthetic appeal and usability function for your site.
    • Detailed points on how to make your website search engine friendly and raise its ranking.
    • Identifying any problems that have crept into your site since its online launch.
    • Plan of action on how the upgrade process can be undertaken safely.

    Web Maintenance

    Our website maintenance services are a cost-effective way to implement upgrades and improvements on your website. Unfortunately, many web service providers ignore this very important aspect of web design services, at CTPL long term web site management is just as important as building the website.

    CTPL has an impressive history of maintaining over 1000 websites since 1997. Our highly committed website maintenance team not only works on legacy technologies but also keeps abreast of the latest programming languages.

    As a business grows, its online presence must also grow, change and develop to meet the changing needs of the business; we help maintain and upgrade systems like as Ecommerce stores, web applications, and corporate websites.

    Customer facing websites need to remain fresh, with new content, blogs, features and infographics that keep users coming back, a website that changes often is also ranked better by search engines. CTPL is committed to the same high level of quality assurance standards for maintenance as it is for web design services.

    CTPL’s website maintenance services also include debugging, programming, upgrades, customer support, management of your product data, interaction with any external partners, and writing all necessary reports.

    As part of our web maintenance services we assist with all of the following:

    • Update content, promotional material, banners etc.
    • Add, Update, Delete your site products as needed.
    • Purging the old material – like old news items and press releases.
    • Replacing or repairing broken links to both internal and external sites.
    • Creating new pages or graphics.
    • Creating new features that need programming.
    • Interfacing with partners for data interchange.
    • Issuing security alerts when needed and fixing any discovered bugs on the site.

    Contact us for a Website Maintenance Quote.

  • Ecommerce

    Ecommerce has become a symbol of business success, and a majority of customers take it for granted that most merchants and brand labels today will have an online site to receive product orders. CTPL Solutions has an enviable record of building successful storefronts online for both new merchants and well established companies. As more and more people feel comfortable with using their mobile devices for ordering products online, Mobile Commerce has become of paramount importance. Our E-commerce strategy is designed to give our clients a faultless interaction on all popular devices that are Apple, Android, PC and Linux based.

    Our Ecommerce systems employ the easiest possible path to checkout to ensure the user is always at ease while placing the order. This includes choosing the right payment gateway and security strategy for peace of mind. Many E-commerce systems require manual entry of transactions into bookkeeping, ERP, CRM or other various legacy systems. CTPL has eliminated this through our integration modules that effortlessly syncs Ecommerce orders, customers and transactions with several popular systems.

    Because we have a broad range of services on offer, we can supply professional, cost-effective solutions for the specific needs of our customers over a variety of platforms. We work small individual boutique stores as well as larger multimillion dollar systems, this experience gives us a unique vantage point when it comes to Ecommerce strategy.

    As we pursue our work in systems development, we have grown knowledgeable in the following technologies that are used to achieve appropriate results for our clients and their special needs.

    We often use combinations of these programing platforms when working towards successful solutions.

    • Magento
    • WordPress
    • WooCommerce
    • ASP.Net/ MS SQL
    • PHP/ MySQL

    Our Ecommerce solutions are divided into two high-level parts, subscription systems and storefronts. Our clientele covers merchants of consumer goods, B2B industrial products, consumables, the food industry, publishers, service providers and more. Every vertical has focused business requirements that we have successfully men to deliver a profitable E-commerce system for use online.

    Contact us to learn how Ecommerce can help you grow your business.

    Open Source Ecommerce

    Open source ecommerce platforms make it simple for everybody to sell online with a professional web presence, these are easy to configure and pretty much run on their own out of the box. If you are looking for a system that includes all the basics and you do not have customization needs you should evaluate this option.

    CTPL Solutions has worked with practically every popular ecommerce platform; we know the nuances of every software and have practical advice for merchants who are evaluating open source systems. We work closely with our clients to pick the best suited platform for their business needs and often customize plugins to help them get the most out of the ecommerce platform. A smooth deployment with as much automation as possible is what we aim for.

    Companies often do not realize the pitfalls of using an open source system, the security needs, upgrades and long term management is a critical part of the solution, our services enable clients to avoid expensive mistakes and consistently use the latest stable version of the platform.

    Search engine optimization is the key to a successful ecommerce store, most open source platforms have in built tools for search engine optimization, our SEO engineers are well versed with all the popular platforms and they use them effectively for best results.

    Our open source solutions are responsive to support all popular smart devices and browsers; these are backed with the same support level and assurance of quality as our other software.

    Some of the popular open source platforms we work with:

    Magento Ecommerce development
    A large number of popular global brands are using Magento for their Ecommerce platform because of its powerful features. Our developers are experts with Magento, they can set up your online store quickly and build a skin that matches your vision too. Magento makes available a broad range of features with third party extensions and plugins for just a few hundred dollars, making it one of our top choices for online product sales.

    WordPress Ecommerce development
    WordPress is a powerful and adaptable CMS system having a huge range of plugins that can quickly transform your site into an online store which can be programmed and located, without any other software being needed. Users already familiar with WordPress should prefer this solution as it ensure there is no relearning involved. This system is ideal for a small product set.

    WooCommerce development
    Woo Themes has developed Woo commerce with an interface that is completely uncomplicated and seems familiar to most users. It provides several easy to use menus such as settings, reports, orders, and coupons that make your online store very customer orientated and user-friendly. A majority of the Woo E-commerce plugins and extensions are for free downloading and are very easy to install from the Woo Themes website.

    CTPL can help you pick a well suited open source platform, modify it to suit your needs and manage it long term for you. Contact us to learn more about our open source ecommerce software service.

    Custom Ecommerce

    Our Custom ecommerce software is geared towards large multi facet systems that attract users in the millions and host 100s of thousands of products and options. These solutions are tailor made for the clients business model and often designed from ground up to be user friendly, scalable and feature rich. We have a dedicated team to cater to high end clients that are brand conscious and need consistent quality in promotional graphics and quick turn around on feature requests.

    Custom ecommerce software we design often include the following components.

    • Custom content management system, often integrated with suppliers.
    • Integration with supplier purchase ordering process.
    • Multi lingual product presentation
    • Multi-currency sales
    • Warehousing systems
    • Inventory tracking
    • Integration with ERP / CRM / Manufacturing engines
    • Data exchange with legacy systems
    • Custom reporting
    • Email, Text, Call alerts
    • Cutting edge SEO techniques for organic traffic
    • Advanced integration with Google analytics enterprise

    CTPL Solutions has built and continues to manage several hugely popular ecommerce systems that lead their respective product verticals, these systems need constant innovation to remain competitive and ahead of the game.

    Technology expertise is key in systems that cater to a large number of users; our engineers design these solutions working with our hosting partners Google, Microsoft and Rackspace. We pick the best suited server side technology and database management system to meet the short term and long term needs of the system.

    An ecommerce site that leads the industry needs to be fast above everything else, we use advanced caching and content delivery networks to deliver the best possible experience to the end user. Speed is so important for systems like these that we run routines constantly to improve performance by leveraging latest technological advances in browsers and internet standards.

    Automation in testing is without question a critical aspect of maintaining system integrity, we build detailed test cases and build scripts that test every user side function, for all popular devices and browsers. Our testing team is a key component for long term management for systems like these.

    Search engine optimization needs special attention as sites with 100s of thousands of pages require meticulous attention to every structural detail, from automated meta tags to content placement everything is designed to work across the system and assist in organic ranks.

    Call us for a free consultation on how we can help build a ecommerce solution that competes with the best.

    Ecommerce Management

    CTPL ecommerce maintenance and management services make it easier for any businesses to manage an online retail presence. Our mature ecommerce management strategy takes care of all the day to day maintenance needs of an online store.

    Users have a lot of choices while shopping online; they instinctively pick the site that offers the best possible experience with the best possible price. Keeping ecommerce sites fresh and inviting is a constant challenge for site owners; this is where CTPL offers most value.

    A successful Ecommerce website needs a professional team to keep it running smoothly, keep it fresh with new graphics, add features that become necessary and upgrade security settings from time to time. Our time tested process and years of experience in the ecommerce industry gives us an edge when it comes to managing large ecommerce systems.

    There are several factors that contribute to the success of an ecommerce site, the product offering set aside its the technology, speed of access, usability and the security infrastructure that drives sales.

    Some of our ecommerce management services include:

    • Importing new products, categories, brands and suppliers.
    • Programming new features as needed.
    • Creating and posting of advertisements and promotional banners.
    • When necessary, immediate elimination of any bugs that come up in the software.
    • Oversight of hosting infrastructure.
    • Regular security checks and PCI conformity.
    • SEO upgrades as needed.
    • Advanced reporting integrated with Google analytics.
    • Social Media marketing plans.
    • Full integration with product directories like Google Products and Amazon and others.

    Contact us today to see how we can help manage your ecommerce site.

  • Online Marketing

    CTPL has been working in the web arena since 2006; we know what works and what does not. We have helped build sites that receive millions of users via many marketing sources. We happily work with design firms, PR agencies, external consultants and market research firms to create a perfect environment for your business to grow online.

    The Internet has changed how products and services are marketed, companies now have a whole gamut of tools available to reach their audience, and often they can customize campaigns for audience types, browsing behavior, demographics and geography. As more and more companies realize the potential in web marketing its getting easier for consumers to find and consume information. The term “Google it” was coined as Google is fast replacing everything from yellow pages to business directories.

    At CTPL, we recognize the need for streamlined marketing which allows every aspect of the internet to merge with the company’s marketing plan. Our online marketing experts analyze competition, trends, keyword search stats, pay per click avenues and propose a strategy that is best placed to get your product to the market.

    Our online marketing services include:

    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Web Analytics

    Search Engine Optimization

    CTPL engineers optimize websites from ground up, we do not offer search engine optimization as a service in isolation, this service only applies to sites that we design and develop.

    Before we take on search engine optimization for a site we research the following:

    • Geographical spread of the business
    • Industry trends
    • Prospect demographic
    • Search terms, their volume and seasonal trends
    • Competition size and tactics

    Once the analysis phase is completed we propose options, often these options include everything from buying the right domain name to rebuilding the site from ground up for better indexing.

    We then create a plan on what would prospects want to see on the site when they land for every specific search phrase we are planning to target. These pages are storyboarded and build to the content specifications from the SEO engineers. We have content writers on staff who are well versed at writing content needed to achieve search terms.

    We create websites that match the SEO plan that’s been built instead of the other way around where companies try to optimized already built websites which is an uphill task thats rarely successful.

    CTPL SEO engineers are well versed with retail, B2B, subscriptions, manufacturing and most other industries. We have optimized sites across the world with excellent results. Our process is simple, we ensure users see the content they are looking for, this is achieved by building sites that are fully geared to the users need, both in terms of layout design and content presented.

    The on site changes we affect are to the navigation, page structure, tags, headers, HTML code, rich tags, internal links, sitemaps and more.

    The off site plan is mainly to get attention to the site by posting about it on blogs, directories, related sites, infographics, video posts and more.

    The overall idea is not just getting traffic but to increase revenue by sales, inquires and subscriptions as applicable.

    Contact us today to see how we can help you make the most out of your internet marketing budget.

    Web Analytics

    Web Analytics / Google analytics consulting
    Every successful online marketing plan starts with web analytics. The core function of analytics is to find opportunities and detect problems. This is an important connecting link for offline and online marketing promotions to help maximize their performance.

    What can you discover by using our Google Analytics consulting services?

    • Opportunities that are getting your competitors business in the form of keywords, process and ideas.
    • Online traffic trends for your products and services.
    • Demographic analysis of your buyers so you can focus advertisements for them.
    • Potential areas where you can capitalize on and increase sales.
    • Problems on your website that are causing visitors to leave before achieving web site goal.
    • Focus areas where you should cross sell.
    • Sources of your traffic and a systematic report on what source works best.

    Why CTPL?
    Web analytics can be overwhelming especially when there are many parameters involved, CTPL assists in both setting up systems to gather data and helping you make sense out of the data gathered.

    CTPL believes in educating the client as you understand your business best, we merely try to get you all the data you need to make business decisions. We often set up automated systems that send you scheduled performance reports and reports on problems on your site. Each problem detected is accompanied with a suggested list of changes making it simpler for you to make decisions.

    Google analytics is now synonymous with website analysis, the powerful tools available free from Google are used by our engineers in combination with several industry leading data gathering sites to prepare reports that offer a clear insight into market opportunities and pitfalls.

    How does it work?
    To start with we analyze your industry, then compare your product / service offering with your competitors and study past performance, this business analysis process culminates in a report that includes the following.

    • Targeted audience.
    • Market share.
    • Primary web competitors.
    • Competitors web strategy summary.

    Upon completion of the analysis phase we discuss options with the client to formulate a long term strategy for data gathering and analysis. From time to time we parse this data and make recommendations in terms of website changes, potential marketing opportunities and advise on site content.

    Contact us to convert your web analytics data into valuable insights on how you can change your web presence for the better.

  • Mobile Application Development

    New studies have shown that over 50% of mobile device owners use their phones to access services on the Internet. Marketing strategies for products and services on the internet must include a mobile component to reach this rapidly expanding avenue.

    CTPL has the professional capabilities to create a customized mobile app, or a create a mobile complement website, for iOS, Windows and Android devices. Using a responsive web design technique, we can offer our customers an app that will display their web site content uniformly and correctly on a wide range of devices, platforms and screen sizes.

    We can also offer Native mobile apps that have superb connectivity and can work right along with the special features of your phone, like the camera, GPS, or the microphone. This will make a mobile phone even easier to use and give it some very intuitive abilities. Native mobile apps are not limited to downloading the program from the Net, but can be sold directly to the users.

    We can work together with you to clearly ascertain your app needs and see if either a web app or a native mobile app would be the best choice for your business. After your app requirements are clearly defined, we can design and develop the most effective app for your particular business, keeping the process simple, direct and cost-effective.

    Our Mobile Application Development team members are specialists with specific skills and are well trained on multiple mobile platforms. All of the mobile solutions developed by CTPL are especially tailored-made for speed, efficiency and portability. They use the best standards and practices in their work of mobile application development across all platforms.

    The following services are on offer from our Mobile Application Development Team:

    • Application Development services for iPhone.
    • Application Development services for Android.
    • Application Development services for Windows Mobile.

    Mobile apps are an entirely new avenue available for use to engage consumers in profitable dialogue. The attraction of mobile app technology will open up a new segment of the market to your products and services, that will continue to expand over time.

    iPhone Development

    This is why iTunes the most profitable mobile app store in the world. People see value in the device due to the high quality applications available on the iTunes store that have been vetted by Apple to be safe. We setup a dedicated iPhone application development division in 2009 that has built 100s of apps for business and fun, we design apps for extreme usability that are a pleasure to use, our apps require no training nor instructions they are intuitive and fun to use.

    iPhones have an excellent display that supports millions of color combinations, a fast processor that is top of the line, a directional compass, an excellent camera, light sensitivity sensor and a powerful GPS that can be used within applications.

    Building apps for the iPhone is relatively easier as the hardware is fixed, the software can always rely upon the hardware features which would always be present and work dependably at all times. We started building iPhone apps from the third generation of iPhones and have continued to evolve our offering through the various generations of iPhones since.

    Some of the types of iPhone applications we have built over the years:

    • Business automation tools
    • Mobile commerce suites
    • Social networking utilities
    • Health care utilities
    • Software as a service
    • Sales quotes and presentation
    • Data libraries
    • Photo posting utilities
    • Messaging utilities
    • Dating support apps
    • 2D Games

    As iPads entered the product offering we started working with apps that could use the larger screen size to offer more, this screen was great for content consumption and apps with multiple options.

    Some of our iPad applications are listed below:

    • Restaurant POS systems
    • Medical practitioner assistance
    • Action games
    • Business automation
    • Sales presentations

    Over the years we have produced many apps that have been successful in helping businesses use the iPhone to meet specific business needs in terms of automation, training, sales utility and more. Contact us today to see how we can build your next invention on the iTunes app store.

    Android Apps Development

    CTPL Mobile application development team starting working with the Android platform back in 2010 when the OS was released by Google, we fell in love with the power the system extends and the extraordinary google support.

    This is a platform that is both powerful and versatile, it was quickly adapted for tablets and now Android devices can be found in media controllers, gaming systems, watches and more.

    The Android OS is open source, its been ported and customized by practically every cell phone manufacturer in the world, this is one of the reasons of the huge success of this system that has become a market leader in such a short period of time. This OS, based on Open Source Technology, has created a revolution in the mobile phone industry because of its high performance and its broad user base.

    Cell phones from $50 to $2000 now sport the Android operating system which means the hardware is almost always different; this is a challenge for any app developer due to the whole new set of variables involved. Our lab has many different cell phones and our test cycles for Android apps are much longer than other platforms.

    CTPL’s Android development team is well versed with the core android features as well as the numerous SDKs like OpenGL, 3D Graphics, Android Media APIs, Location-based Service APIs, Wi-Fi APIs, Android Security Architecture, and other related technologies. Effective use of these technologies has enabled us to produce best-in-its class Android applications for our varied customers.

    Some of the apps that we have built over the years:

    • Business Applications for process automation
    • Medical practice utilities.
    • Social Networking interaction.
    • Apps for Lifestyle and Entertainment.
    • Apps supporting Multimedia presentations.
    • Apps oriented towards Education and Learning.
    • GPS enabled apps for location tracking.
    • Various Utility Applications.
    • Scheduling and appointments management.
    • Switching over current applications to the Android platform.

    Contact us to learn more about how we can help you build your Android app.

    Windows Mobile Development

    Microsoft has invested heavily in the new Windows mobile platform which is designed to follow the more popular iTunes and Google play systems, hence this “original” mobile development platform is gaining new ground.

    The key advantage of the windows mobile application development platform is the close integration with the hugely popular Microsoft Windows platform, the interface is based on the new Metro design that is used on all of the new Microsoft operating systems.

    Because of its intuitive features, Windows Mobile OS provides a good, reliable, and professional platform that can be leveraged for application development. This platform works great for clients with Microsoft technology investments. Easy integration with Outlook, Windows Active directory and services like Office 360 make this a very attractive choice.

    Our Microsoft.NET development team builds custom applications for all kinds of web and desktop based systems, it has been easy for us to work with the Windows Mobile platform as the IDE and Framework remain same. This gave us a big head start when it came to building Windows mobile apps.

    Our Windows apps development goes across a wide range of platforms and databases like Windows Mobile (6.0), Windows Mobile (8.0) Windows CE, MS SQL Server CE and .Net Compact Framework. We often deliver solutions that are closely integrated with other web and desktop based .Net applications.

    The time tested Microsoft .Net framework makes the Windows Mobile development platform extremely versatile and easy to program.

    Contact us today for your Windows mobile development needs.

  • Testing

    Our expertise &experience of Quality Assurance testing services comes with our long association with testing practices. We understand that robust applications stand tall only when it goes through a strict process of testing. Hence, our experienced testers take pains in detailing out the master test strategy, test plans and test scripts and testing for you.

    Testing Services

    The following lists the areas where we have worked in:

    • Enterprise Application Testing -
      Enterprise applications is the backbone to many profitable business organizations across many industries. CTPL Solutions has a proficient QA team, with supporting infrastructure and processes to optimize testing of business applications.
    • Mac Testing -
      Mac testing team at CTPL has immense experience in testing various versions of Mac OS, Mac hardware, native browsers and applications. We are well versed with Mac standards and validate the applications for compliance with these standards.
    • Web Application Testing -
      CTPL's dedicated team of Web test engineers have good experience and knowledge in Web based application testing technologies. CTPL's rich expertise in different technologies has been generated in the course of delivering many projects for our clients in different parts of the globe.
    • Desktop Application Testing -
      CTPL Solutions provides a range of testing services on desktop applications with the support of our detailed desktop application testing expertise and overs years of QA testing experience.
    • Load Testing -
      CTPL has a rich experience of testing web applications for load and performance of various domains. We have tested small to medium sized applications for several thousands of users.
    • Automated Testing - Our expertise and experience of Automation testing services comes with our long association with QTP, Ruby Watir testing and Selenium web application testing systems.
    • Mobile App Testing -
      CTPL Solutions’ mobile app testing services is wide-ranged and gives you the confidence that your applications will function as intended across handheld devices of varying screen sizes, internal hardware, resolution, carriers and on different versions of operating systems.