Web Analytics

Web Analytics / Google analytics consulting
Every successful online marketing plan starts with web analytics. The core function of analytics is to find opportunities and detect problems. This is an important connecting link for offline and online marketing promotions to help maximize their performance.

What can you discover by using our Google Analytics consulting services?

  • Opportunities that are getting your competitors business in the form of keywords, process and ideas.
  • Online traffic trends for your products and services.
  • Demographic analysis of your buyers so you can focus advertisements for them.
  • Potential areas where you can capitalize on and increase sales.
  • Problems on your website that are causing visitors to leave before achieving web site goal.
  • Focus areas where you should cross sell.
  • Sources of your traffic and a systematic report on what source works best.

Web analytics can be overwhelming especially when there are many parameters involved, CTPL assists in both setting up systems to gather data and helping you make sense out of the data gathered.

CTPL believes in educating the client as you understand your business best, we merely try to get you all the data you need to make business decisions. We often set up automated systems that send you scheduled performance reports and reports on problems on your site. Each problem detected is accompanied with a suggested list of changes making it simpler for you to make decisions.

Google analytics is now synonymous with website analysis, the powerful tools available free from Google are used by our engineers in combination with several industry leading data gathering sites to prepare reports that offer a clear insight into market opportunities and pitfalls.

How does it work?
To start with we analyze your industry, then compare your product / service offering with your competitors and study past performance, this business analysis process culminates in a report that includes the following.

  • Targeted audience.
  • Market share.
  • Primary web competitors.
  • Competitors web strategy summary.

Upon completion of the analysis phase we discuss options with the client to formulate a long term strategy for data gathering and analysis. From time to time we parse this data and make recommendations in terms of website changes, potential marketing opportunities and advise on site content.

Contact us to convert your web analytics data into valuable insights on how you can change your web presence for the better.